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Arm Knitting

While digging through some old Pinterest boards, I stumbled upon a few pins from some time ago that re-sparked my interest. Remember those super chunky, wool blankets that took social media by storm? Do you also remember the hefty price tag that came with the super cool, I just want to cuddle up in that soft, cozy blanket? After sticker shock for the umpteen time, I decided to take matters into my own hands-literally.

I ended up purchasing all of my supplies online. Apparently the yarn used for this type of blanket is rather popular (or perhaps a niche item) because Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Wal-Mart, and even my local yarn storefront did not carry what I needed. I anxiously awaited to get home from a week of travel to find that my shipment had arrived (isn’t shopping online such a love/hate relationship???) and I was off to the races.


It took a few trial runs to get the hang of arm knitting (I’m quite the perfectionist, so I started over three times before committing to the full blanket), but thanks to a few YouTube tutorials, I was able to learn a new skill over the weekend.

Now before you call me the equivalent to a crazy cat lady because I sat at home on a Saturday night and arm knitted a blanket at the kitchen table, take into consideration just how AMAZING the finished product turned out.




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