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Bachelorette Party Series: Austin

Hello to all my fellow 20-somethings with 89 friends getting married in the next 18 months… this one’s for you. Before long, you’ll embark on numerous out-of-state trips to celebrate the nuptials, and if you’re ever so lucky, you’ll be asked to plan one. I’m rounding up my trips this summer for you, with my Bachelorette Party Series.

These trips have been vastly different than the other recent trips I’ve planned/been on, namely because the main objective is to consume an unruly amount of alcohol. Which leads me to my point – if you’re visiting Austin for an anniversary trip, these may not be the most appealing activities for you. BUT, if you’re visiting for a bachelorette party, I’ve got you covered.

First up: Austin, Texas

Lake Austin

We flew into Austin early Friday morning, dropped our stuff off at the AirBnb, and hit the water. For the love – if you plan a trip during the summer months, make it a point to get to a body of water. It’s too dang hot in the South.

While this is a chain restaurant, I enjoy eating here when I’m in Texas/Arizona. It’s a casual environment with yard games, and my friend and I raved over the Grilled Steak Salad (give a basic girl an avocado and you’ve made her day). It rained the evening we ate here so no yard games for us – we were actually supposed to have pizza at the AirBnb but we lost power; hence, eating out.

A bachelorette party staple right here. This was the perfect outing for Saturday – it gives all the girls a chance to meet each other, and stops at 2-3 bars during the cruise to stop by and grab a drink. The Austin bikes do allow alcohol, so come with a case, a bag of ice, and a good playlist. As a forewarning: Austin pedal hoppers DO NOT have motors, you actually have to pedal them around town.

Rainey Street

One of the main attractions to Austin is the darling Historic District – Rainey Street. If you’re in Austin, you must visit this destination. It’s compiled of bungalow-style homes transformed into bars, and is such a blast. Be sure to visit the Unbarlievable – circus themed bar, Container Bar – bar made out of shipping containers, and Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden – known for their brunch and Manmosas (beer mug filled with a bottle of champagne and a splash of OJ).

This restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so be prepared to wait – just grab a margarita and hang by the bar. The food was good Tex-Mex, and I love a good patio.

East Sixth

I had a heard from a few people to visit West Sixth, commonly referred to Dirty Sixth – an entertainment district of sorts. While I have never been to New Orleans, this strip reminded me of NOLA. We decided to leave shortly after arriving, and ended up at the East Sixth district instead. We had so much fun at this location, and it was the perfect place to go out in Austin.

Do not go to Texas unless you plan to eat at Torchy’s. Maybe it’s just a novelty since we don’t have it in Missouri, but I would go back again and again. Be sure to get the Hillbilly Queso and a margarita to accompany your street tacos.

I’ll leave with one closing remark: whatever you do, book an early flight out on Sunday (or whatever day you depart). You’ll thank me when you’re tired and hungover and don’t feel like putting on a cute outfit and socializing anymore.



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