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Lasik 101

So this will be short and sweet — I got Lasik and seeing 20/20 without itchy contacts is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

If you’re considering getting Lasik, here are a few things to taken in consideration and keep in mind before the surgery:

1. Lasik vs. Smile

So basically there are two different types of procedures on the market today. The Lasik surgery creates an entire flap on your eye to perform the procedure, while the Smile only makes a quarter circle on the eye. I got Lasik and had a great experience, but it is said that patients that get the Smile procedure heal quicker and have less pain since a small incision is made.

2. Take the Meds!

I was offered a Valium to counteract any anxious nerves before I went back for my surgery. I was plenty relaxed for the operation and let me tell ya, I had a nice, relaxing nap when I got home.

3. Get the Eye Drops

The drops were an additional $40 that weren’t included in my quote, so I opted out of them. DON’T DO THAT. Anticipate a little extra into your budget the day of just incase the drops weren’t in the initial price. They are artificial tears and help with dryness, which is key!

4. Be a Bum for the Day

Like I said above, the medicine is going to make you super relaxed. Make sure you take the rest of the day off to go home and lounge. For me, it was the perfect rationale to take a four hour nap and not be called lazy.

5. Have Sunglasses on Hand

Your eyes are super sensitive to light right after the surgery, so the office sends you home with some super stylist sunglasses. Most people ditch the cheapies after they get home (as did I), but make sure that whenever you’re headed outside, you’ve got your sunglasses close by.

As for a personal plug, I got my surgery done at LasikPlus in Leawood, Kansas. The staff was super friendly and got me in and out the door SO fast. I was there for less than an hour, total. LasikPlus has branches across the US.

For $100 off your surgery, just say that you were referred by me, Kelsey Cox, during your initial consultation.



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