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Farewell 2018

If you’ve been around for a decent amount of time, you know that New Years is not my favorite holiday. Believe it or not, I’m not all about wearing a sequin dress and sky-high heels to prance around the town, in below freezing weather – it’s just not my thing. I will take an extended happy hour over a night over any day of the week, and NYE is no exception. In a way, I feel like this connotation just starts me off on the wrong foot for the new year ahead. SO, I am making it a point to proactively think about my goals for the new year NOW, and not wait around for the fifth of January when it’s too late. 

  1. Make time for quality time

  2. Put my phone away during meals and social gatherings

  3. Get life insurance (relax all of my insurance peeps, I’m working on it)

  4. Take Ellie for at least one walk a week

  5. Finish our basement

  6. Invest time and effort into my relationships

  7. Have a vegetable with each dinner

  8. Get rid of clothes that I don’t wear within the year

  9. Buy an investment property or a piece of land

  10. Pay off car and student loans

  11. Go back to Europe

In addition to looking ahead, I think it is important for me to reflect on the year that has brought me to my current goals. I few years back I had a jar and a mini notebook on my night stand and I would jot down any moment or memory that made me smile in that year’s span. I found that jar when I was cleaning out our storage room a few months back; it is so refreshing to look back on all that you have accomplished, and what made you happy over the past year. So without further ado…

  1. Bought my first “nice” car

  2. Got engaged

  3. Drank lots of wine (mostly homemade from the Pops. S/O to me for gifting him a wine making kit a few Christmases back)

  4. Spent time with family, especially the little ones

  5. Traveled to Vancouver

  6. Passed the real estate exam – became a Realtor

  7. Co-facilitated my local rodeo

  8. Logged 100 hours of community service to receive a grant for a non-profit of my choice

  9. Ate a lot of spaghetti squash taco boats

  10. Made a conscious effort to recycle plastic bags, and reuse paper bags

  11. Planned a wedding in six months – planned an alternate wedding in two days

  12. Got married

  13. Realized my self-worth – moved to a role that better aligned with my long-term goals

  14. Finished a two-year long work project

  15. Visited extended family in Texas and Tennessee

  16. Made more successful dinners than burnt dinners

  17. Overcame some FIGHTS 

  18. Had some good margaritas

  19. Spent a lot of time at the lake

  20. Explored Costa Rica

  21. Rekindled old friendships, made new friendships

  22. Went white water rafting

  23. Decided on a color to paint the basement

  24. Extended weekend in the sand dunes

  25. Joined finances with the husband (not without some battles, but we did it)

  26. Let go of my Hilton Diamond status, and my Delta Gold status (this one is going to hurt next year)

  27. Spent more money on plants and flowers than I did home décor

  28. Religiously watched my husband nurture his bee hives, and religiously ran from said bees anytime they came close to me

  29. Donated A LOT of gently used items to the Clothes Closet

It’s been a busy one; this year went by in the blink of an eye. With every triumph comes a few trials, but I so thankful to be surrounded by my people that keep me riding the wave; I’m constantly counting my blessings for the people that get placed in my life with perfect timing.

All my best to you and yours as we venture into the New Year. Write your goals down NOW so you can visually keep yourself accountable!

Farewell 2018. May the Chiefs season continue long into 2019.



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