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Sun’s Out, Clint’s Out

Welcome back! The last time we were here, I was ranting and raving about deer season and all that comes with that glorious time of year. Since then, we’ve had countless holiday gatherings and winter storms to keep us occupied, much to Clint’s dismay. But, the temps have been rising the past couple of weeks, and when the sun is out, Clint is out.

I’ve been collecting these snippets and stashing them away in my phone until I had enough compiled, so let’s get to it.

While this first one didn’t necessarily call for the sun to be out, it did call for no snow on the ground. Any guesses out there on what I’m alluding to? Yes my friends, shed hunting is correct. This may be a weird concept to some, (let’s be honest, most of my husbands pastimes are), but shed hunting is the practice of searching for antlers that have fallen off of a male deer in the late winter. We could certainly use some more antlers in our jam-packed garage, so Clint takes it upon himself to seek out each. and. every. fallen shed. No shed left behind people. While most of the sheds are designated to clutter in that jam-packed garage, a few special horns are promoted to the title of “bone” for our sweet bloodhound, Ellie Mae. Who has stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night? Oh yes, that wrinkle-faced pooch loves to leave her new toys strategically scattered throughout the house like a fun obstacle course for her humans. Basically shed hunting proves to be double the fun for the dog and husband, double the whammy for Kelsey.

Moving on. Clint stepped his “Mountain Man” title up a notch this Christmas by asking for a blow dart gun. Killing a deer this past fall with a spear wasn’t hard enough, so we’re moving on. With skill comes lots of practice, and by practice, I mean blow dart shooting practice in our front lawn using our tree as a target. We don’t have an HOA agreement, but I’m sure if one gets put into place, shooting practice will be at the top of the list of “no-nos.”

On the topic of our front lawn, apparently the early spring is prime fishing time (I’m sure you can already predict how these two correlate). Clint and his buddies went spoonbill fishing/”snaggin” this weekend and caught some keepers. It really made the most logical sense to bring the fish back home to clean them, rather than doing so while at the river. And again, our house in town makes the most logical sense to do this said fish cleaning. I didn’t make it home for this sight to see, but I can only imagine what these hillbillies looked like, probably barefoot in jean shorts, with filleting knives in their hands. The word on the street is that the two heads were so delicately placed in our tree to keep an eye on all the neighborhood traffic. Yay. Again, we’re the first ones kicked out of the neighborhood when that HOA comes around.

With springtime comes the beginning of wedding season, and with the Legate name comes rushing out the door always. We had our debut of the year of these two last night. I distinctly remember telling that husband of mine the night before that we were leaving at 4:00 p.m. STAT, pulling out of the driveway – leaving. Not finding out wallet at 4:00, not tying our shoes at 4:00, not putting Ellie outside at 4:00, and certainly not stopping at the gas station on our way out of town at 4:00. But, in true Legate fashion, I believe I was waiting for all of these to be completed at the 4 o’clock hour. Luckily we made it out the door with enough time to get to the ceremony on time, if we played our cards right. I convinced Clint to drive my car so I could paint my nails on the way – rookie mistake. We pulled into the venue’s parking garage to find PLENTY of parking spots, at the ripe time of 4:55. Reasonably, we had to park in the back where there were no other vehicles, and back into the parking spot. But first, we had to adjust every single mirror so we could see adequately enough to do so. For the love of all things holy, can we please just park this damn car??? After we successfully got into that spot, so help me God, we (I) was off to the races to get into the ceremony on time. Clint “Quick” Legate on the other hand, had to make sure he had every belonging he’s ever laid his eyes on, with him in tow. Not on his own being though, we had to shove all of those said belongs into my personal handbag. We did make it into the ceremony with one minute to spare, happy wedding to our newlyweds, Haley and Shawn!

We’ve got lots on our docket for the upcoming months, so don’t you think for a second I won’t be reporting back on the adventures of my life with Mr. Legate.



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