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Glacier Hiking in Iceland

This was by far, one of our favorite parts from our recent visit to Iceland.

We booked this “Blue Ice – Glacier Hike and Climbing” excursion through Arctic Adventures. Like I mentioned in a earlier post, we rented our waterproof boots, pants, and jackets from the company, and it was well worth the money. It rained every day during our trip, and while we lucked out and the rain held off for our excursion, it was nice to be safe than sorry with the waterproof gear. We opted out of the transportation fee since we rented a car and drove ourselves to the meeting point, about two hours southeast of Reykjavik.


Before heading to the glacier, we got geared up with our harnesses, ice picks, and shoe spikes.

The walk up to the glacier was absolutely breath-taking. Our guides described it as “lasagna” in the sense that over time, it has formed into multiple layers of snow (compacted into ice), along with volcanic ash.

After some exploring, we headed into one of the many crevices to try our hands at ice climbing.

I’m going to keep the video of me climbing for as few eyes as possible. Let’s just say that Clint was far better at this activity than me.

Perhaps one of the coolest parts of this day was getting to go inside a recently found cave. Due to the rapid rate that the glacier is melting, our guides said that this particular cave will be gone in as few as two months.

The walk back down was equally as beautiful, mesmerizing, and humbling. I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting a cold weather location. This particular glacier is said to be completely melted within 150 years.


That’s all for now. Check back soon for more about our fabulous, is it too soon to go back already, trip to the beautiful Iceland.



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