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Best Podcasts of 2017

Since getting a “desk job” a year ago, I have been on the prowl for things to fill my ears to pass the eight hour work day. I became increasingly intrigued by the thought of podcasts since entering the working world, especially since you can download them to your phone, and then listen to them offline, without the use of data. Podcasts have taken the internet by storm the past few years and I sometimes catch myself wondering if I should have pursued a podcast of my own, rather than a blog. But have no fear, I’m still here people. Since I am pickier than I first gave myself credit for, compiling a list of my favorites took longer than expected. Add in the fact that I didn’t know how to download a podcast from Spotify from a solid six months, well, here I am a year later.

I have been a Bachelor fan from the very beginning (shoutout to Trista and Ryan), so seeing a podcast from an old cast member should be of no surprise. I was originally not a fan of host, Kaitlyn Bristowe, when she was the Season 11 Bachelorette. But, after following her, and beau Shawn Booth, on Snapchat, they instantly became my favorite couple. She is witty and has a undeniable sense of humor that renders so well to a podcast platform.

I was more interested in this show in the beginning, rather than the latter. This podcast takes you on a whirlwind of a story that you couldn’t predict in your wildest dreams. Once you think you have the happy ending figured out, you’re thrown for a curve ball. It is brilliantly produced by Serial and This American Life (I haven’t personally listened to this one, but it is a very popular show and is on “Listen To” list).

This podcast is inspiring. Each episode follows the story of how an Average Joe, like you and me, made it big. I have always toyed with the idea of being an entrepreneur and starting my own business (don’t ask what type of business, that changes daily), so listening to how others maximized on their ideas and turned them into reality is a good pick-me-up on a Monday morning.

If criminal stories are your thing, then this is your podcast. In a way, this story reminds me of the popular Netflix show, How to Make a Murderer, in the sense that non-educated, minorities were targeted by authorities.

As nerdy as the description sounds, “99% Invisible is a weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture,” this podcast is a must listen. It delves into design that the blind eye wouldn’t give a second glance to, like why hospitals are designed the way that they are. I am a firm believer that you should learn something new every day, and this is just the outlet. Be sure to check out episode #202 – Mojave Phone Booth.

Piggybacking off the above, this is another great criminal show to get you through the day. I actually prefer this podcast over Serial; it’s sad that it doesn’t get more recognition. The episodes really pull on the heartstrings, as some of the innocent victims have spent decades in prison.

This show is produced by NPR, one of the top media companies in today’s industry. Based off of the utterly successful TED talks, this podcast mimics the same theme of producing influential content on education, business, creativity, and success.

***Honorable Mention

I have to give some credit an ole pal, Daniel Schmidt. He has taken his passion for sports and ran with it. Schmidt’s passion for sports and his home teams (I still consider the Rams to be from St. Louis) paired with his dry, clever sense of humor translate into a well orchestrated show. While I am not a sports connoisseur, I enjoy hopping over to his page on Tuesday afternoons to give him a listen.



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